Tips on Choosing Your Wall Sconce


Wall sconces are used to great effect in lighting the home. As sconces are available in a wide choice of styles, colors, shapes and designs there is something for everyone. What do you look for when choosing wall sconce lighting? There are three basic points to consider lighting type, placement and style.

Lighting type

This is what kind of light you will be using the sconce for. Sconces can be candle lit, electrically powered or battery operated. You would use wall candle sconces where you have no power available. The sconce can be a standalone unit used to light dimly lit areas such as hallways on occasions that you need it. A candle sconce will also be a wall feature in its own right. If you are renovating or building a house and changing the wiring then this is the best time to install electric wall sconces. There is little additional cost and all redecorating will happen after. For areas where candle may pose a safety risk battery operated candles or light can be used on the sconces to great effect.


How you position your sconces can affect how they long and how well they light the room. For general room lighting; sconces need to placed no lower than 5ft 6inches from the ground. The actual height will depend upon the overall room height and the height of the tallest person in the house. For higher ceilings move the sconces up to get reflection from the ceiling, but not so high that the down light is lost. The other positioning to consider is that of along the wall, usually sconces are used in pairs or more.

The sconces need to be spread along the wall to balance the wall and any features you have, sconces look best when they are placed at equal distances from each other. Candle sconces are usually placed according to how they look- rather like hanging a picture- and as easy! A single candle sconce will be a feature on a wall and should be placed accordingly.


Wall sconces are available in so many styles, shapes, sizes, material and colors, that everyone should be able to find a sconce to suit their decor. Outdoor wall sconces can be used in the yard, brass wall sconces can add a nice touch to a nautical theme.