Wall Sconces to Complement a Room’s Lighting

Many home owners prefer to use wall sconces in their homes today, as it offers soft ambient light and also complements ceiling fixtures, lamps and recessed lighting. They provide a warm and inviting ambiance and therefore, they are a great addition to any room, be it the living room, bedroom, kitchen or even the bathroom. They can also be used for accent lighting. While choosing wall sconces for a room, on has to bear in mind the main elements of the room, i.e., its color schemes, style and textures.

Having wall sconces lighting in your home is a great way to enhance any room decoration. This lighting is also great as outdoor lighting. They are mounted on walls instead of hanging from ceilings. They give indirect lighting and they have a cover – either partial or full – that hides the light bulb from view.

They are used to give light to various areas in a home such as darker hallways, staircases,end tables and shelves or even as bathroom lighting. It usually provides a soothing, soft light that is not harmful to the eyes. It has one single light bulb. Some styles are shining downwards and others upwards, depending on the type you are getting. Unlike ceiling fans, these are hanging directly from the wall.

1) Styles and Materials:

Wall sconces are available in a number of styles and materials. One can choose from incandescent, halogen or xenon bulb-based wall sconces, with frosted glass, stained glass, mica or fabric. Sconces that have solid metal diffusers only allow light to escape either from the top or bottom of the sconces. Such sconces could be used for focused lighting. While electrical sconces require special wiring, candle sconces do not need additional wiring or electrical bulbs.

2) Positioning:

They are generally wall mounted. To achieve the desired effect, mount the sconces just above the middle of a wall. Sconces generally come with mounting hardware and all that one has to do, is to secure the mounting bracket to the wall, with screws. Preferably, select soft light, as this makes a huge difference to the room. If you prefer concealed wiring, first decide where to place the sconces, before hiring electrician to fix them.

3) Placement of Sconces:

Sconces should not be placed in areas where people sit. If they are placed in a line to light a corridor, make sure that they are placed at least six to eight feet away from each other, for proper visual effect. Before buying a wall sconce, ensure that you are clear about the size you need. The size of the sconces should be proportional to the voltage of the bulbs or CFL bulbs that one may want to use in a room.

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