Wall Sconces Are A Brilliant Addition To The Home

Traditionally, we’ve all decorated bare walls in the home with paintings or pictures, and found ourselves quite out of creative ideas or paintings to fill those spaces on the walls. Not only that, but our hallways (or certain rooms) might be darker than we would like, but we have no idea how to improve the lighting in these rooms.

Wall sconces are a brilliant addition to the home in these, and many other, respects. With styles and designs that are captivating and beautiful, they can add spice and charm to that bare wall in ways you probably never originally thought of.

Most lamps require space in the house – such as the floor, or a table. Sconces come with tremendous benefit here as well, as they can be mounted on the wall and therefore don’t take any extra space at all. For smaller homes, or rooms that may look cluttered with an extra lamp (yet, need the extra lighting) would be a fantastic addition.

Traditionally, they were only used for hallways or bathrooms, but these days – with the advent of more artistic and beautiful styles – they suit any and every room. They can be used to great effect in the living room, or can also be used to hi-light art pieces (whether they be paintings, sculptures or pots) in a room by using clever placement.

Like most lights, come with ‘downlight’ and ‘uplight’ options. A downlight can be very effective in a formal lounge, or any room where other art pieces need to be hi-lighted. These items can be very effective for the hallway, so that the light can reflect off the ceiling, and therefore more light is created. Many are ‘reversible’- which means you can install them in any direction you want.

They do require some installation, as they need to be fitted with electricity and have a switch. However, this comes with many added benefits. But not every design of sconces work off electricity, as there are still candle designs available, complementing the home with a unique and antique personality that can work very well. They also give you the opportunity to display your favorite candles, giving off a smooth and romantic atmosphere for the entrance or hallway.

Choosing the wall sconce that is perfect for your home would rely on your own d├ęcor styles and tastes, as well as use. There are wall sconces in traditional art styles, to modern styles. Some sconces are also designed to be placed on the wall in corners, providing light for those darker corners and casting soft shadows over the room.

Wall sconces are also ideal in homes with children, as they can be installed easily out of reach. This makes candled wall sconces incredibly safe as well. They may be the ideal choice in homes with children, compared to table lamps, as they are prone to less danger of being damaged.

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