Wall Sconce Lighting For Your Home

Wall lights, or sconces as they are also known, are highly decorative lights mounted on the wall. They range from classic, vintage style lighting to the more contemporary and highly modernistic styles now available. It all depends on the decor of the room you want to mount them in.

Sconces provide a pleasing form of reflected light that can be quite romantic and that is also easy on the eyes. Sconces are generally mounted on a plaque against a wall giving the wall surface a bit of a halo effect that many people also find attractive. Sconces are great for where you need some light but not a great deal of light.

Here is a run down of some the different styles of wall lights that are available on the market.

Storybook Style: This is a beautiful style of sconce made out of cast iron or black metal that has a yellow shade and a soft candle shaped bulb inside. It is good for more antique decors and looks
especially great outside on a wall in a driveway or as a porch light. It is reminiscent of the type of lighting that you would find in a Charles Dickens tale.

Craftsman Style: The Craftsman style of wall sconce is usually made out of black cast iron and is topped by a solid opaque white globe or variegated globe that is held out from the wall plaque like a trophy. These lights are very bright and excellent for dim hallways and outdoor use.

English Tudor Style: This style of wall light features a narrow pleated fluted lampshade that points downwards from the wall like a faucet. This type of sconce usually casts a dimmer light.

Sheffield Style: This ornamental style of wall sconce looks like the antlers with a light fixture dangling from each tip. The central plaque that holds the arms of the sconce is usually of a sunray or sunburst design. The shades are usually tulip shaped with a tiny flared rim.

Colonial Style: You can always tell a Colonial style sconce because it is projected forth off the wall by an iron S shaped hook from which the glass shade is suspended like the bud of a bluebell.

Art Deco Style: These elegant wall lights usually are shaped like the back of hand mirrors and hold the light bulb inside a frosted glass cup that is also usually engraved with elegant designs.

Art Deco Porcelain: This is a very rare look that originated in Miami South Beach that is made of pure white porcelain. Watch the 1950s movie “The Fountainhead” if you want to school yourself in what white porcelain Art Deco should look like. This type of lighting is quite bright and looks best on an Art Deco, modern or neo-modern style building.


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