Wall Sconce Decorating

Adding a wall sconce or two can enliven the décor in a room, adding personality and flair to any living space. It is important to choose the right sconce to suit the room. Many types of these are available. Most can be customized to suit the theme of a room and the preferences of the homeowner. Here are some ideas to consider helping a room truly feel like a gorgeous home environment.

Determine the Sconce’s Function

Wall sconces are available for various purposes. They may be flat on the top to hold precious photos, figurines, or other keepsakes. They can be designed especially to hold candles or electric lights. Some of the electric lights may resemble candle flames. Some may even be hollow to hold real or artificial plants. Simply thinking about what an area needs-light, a display area, or greenery- can help a person make the perfect decision as to which one will best suit the space in question and the needs of the homeowner.

Decide on the Best Material

Materials for these can vary widely and may include wood, metal, plaster, ceramics, and more. Choosing a material can be important in terms of both function and décor. If the sconce will hold a burning candle or electrical fixture, a non-flammable material would be the safest choice. In a room with lots of wood, a sconce made of matching or complementary wood may be a beautiful selection. Metal, glass, or ceramic pieces can add nice accents to any room.

Pick the Perfect Place

A wall sconce is often used as an accent item. They are often used in pairs on either side of a mirror or painting. They also look striking in their own. Of course ones holding live plants must have adequate sunlight. Those with candles or electric bulbs can enliven dark corners. Many people think these items are for only the living room or entryway.

However, these versatile decorations can beautify a wall in any room. Sconces can go above the headboard in the bedroom or flank the mirror in the bathroom. It is always a good idea to hang a sconce, particularly if it is heavy or will be heavy when loaded, over a wall stud. Hardware and home improvement stores generally carry inexpensive stud finders to help determine the safest place to hang a sconce or other decorative item.

Locating the Ideal Wall Sconce

Places where one can pick up one of these items vary. Home furnishings stores, lighting stores, flea markets, thrift stores, catalogs, websites, recycling centers, and classified ads are all potential sources. Many wall sconces can be refinished with paint, glitter, or whatever suits the decorator’s fancy. The possibilities are unlimited. A large number of grouped sconces can make a striking wall display.

A wall sconce can beautify any area of the home. Choosing the function, material, and location for the sconce or sconces can help both novice and professional decorators make the best decision concerning how to incorporate this unique item into the home.

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