Modern Wall Sconces

Modern wall sconces are very popular with many homeowners, however there are many raised eyebrows when they find out that initially wall sconces came into existence long before electricity was discovered. They were used to secure candles to the walls of homes, from modest residences to extravagant manors, and provide lighting to rooms, staircases, hallways, and the exteriors of dwellings.

Nowadays however, modern wall sconces are used to accentuate certain facets of an abode or provide indirect lighting. They help provide a distinctive aura that not only builds curb appeal, but also adds to the functionality and comfort of indoor or outdoor living spaces. Many people don’t have the means to own overhead lighting, so the moderns sconces come to their rescue as well with proper illumination.

Sconces may either provide overall lighting or complement existing illumination. If used properly, wall sconces can give your home the stunning effect you desire and can be a beautiful addition to any style of decor. In addition, externally placed outdoor sconces provide homeowners with some semblance of security:

– Outdoor lighting increases visibility and help provide a feeling of security. This way any casual burglar will stay away from the property to avoid being caught in the act of breaking in.

– Sconces help to illuminate darker areas in patios or gardens, making it possible to see clearer certain obstacles that may cause falls or accidents. Imagine going home in the night only to take a fall by tripping over some toys that your kids left out before retiring for the night.

Aside from these highly utilitarian uses, sconces mounted on outside walls are simply appealing, accentuating yard features or seating areas and providing a stylistically refined solution for contemporary exterior lighting needs.

Most externally placed sconces utilize a single light bulb. A number of them have a half-moon shaped lid that shields the bulb from view and imparts an upward shaft of light on the exterior walls. There are also wall sconces that have a full-cover opaque lens that renders a moon-glow effect, with the light dispersing around the fixture.

From traditionally ornate designs to sleek-lined simple motifs, there is a range of styles available in the market. You can find them nowadays in various art deco style, rustic or contemporary and modern. There are even some with a shape of a leaf, which are really elegant to look at.

Dimensions can range from horizontal fixtures only a few inches high to elongated and slimmer versions such as a wall torchiere. Also when it comes to material, you can find modern wall sconces in various types, including glass or ceramic, with a base of bronze, copper, brushed nickel or metal. Whatever the design, sconces should complement the other lighting fixtures as well as the architecture and decorating style of the home.


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