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Modern wall sconces can really make your interior brighter and more elegant. These have been used for centuries not only to light the room, but also to add a touch of sophistication to the interior decor. Indeed, apart from being practical these can be readily used to fill in the empty wall space in the living room, bedroom and kitchen especially when you do not have any paintings and other decorative pieces or do not want to hang any pictures.

How to Choose Wall Sconces? : Effect
Wall sconces come in many different shapes and sizes to create different effects with light. That's why you should consider what kind of effect you want the light to have on your room. Do you want your room to look bigger, cozier, more balanced? These four types of wall sconces are able to change the look and feel of a room by diffusing and contouring light in their own way.
How to Choose Wall Sconces? : Uplight
Uplight wall sconces direct light towards the ceiling, creating a wash of lightthatdraws attention upwards. The further down the wall an uplight wall sconce is positioned, the more the light will be able to spread along the upper half of the wall. Uplight sconces are perfect for making the room look larger than it really is.

They will also do a great job in the bathroom and even in the cloak room of your home. Still, you have to consider carefully all your options in order to make the most appropriate choice for your home given your particular situation and budget.

The classic candle wall sconces can really give your home that exceptional romantic and a bit antique touch that you are longing for, but cannot afford. They do not require any special installation and wiring, which is a great benefit.

Most importantly, the candles are very beautiful and elegant apart from being quite cheap to use. You can even opt for aroma ones that will make the atmosphere truly unforgettable. These modern wall sconces have one particular disadvantage that should be taken into consideration – they provide very little light.

This simply means that you can use them for decorative purposes only as reading or even dining under them without an additional source of light is quite uncomfortable. Another slight inconvenience is that you cannot leave the burning candles unattended for very long. Still, you can easily avoid the messes liquid paraffin makes by opting for non-leaking candles, but they should be of high quality in order to burn well.

The electric wall sconces are the most popular ones. They are easy to install and to maintain given that you only need to change the bulbs from time to time. You can easily find great items that are functional and inexpensive.

It is possible to get a model that has bulbs in the form of mock candles if you insist on the tradition. The only problem with these sconces is that you will need to provide for the appropriate wiring well in advance.

How to Choose Wall Sconces? : Downlight
To give your walls a downward wash of light, use a downlight sconce that allows light to only escape from the bottom of the fixture. The higher you place this sconce, the more light will be cast down onto the wall. Downlight sconces will ground your space, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere.
How to Choose Wall Sconces? : Up/Downlight
Up/downlight sconces will give your walls an even wash of light in both directions. Because these types of sconces allow light to shine through the top and bottom of the fixture, they can be positioned according where you want the most light. These sconces will give your room a more balanced feel with its even distribution of light.

Modern wall sconce alternatives to electric items are the battery operated wall sconces that have all the same advantages. These can be placed at any place and even outdoors. They are not costlier and your monthly expenses will not be larger at all if you get a new battery from time to time.

How to Choose Wall Sconces? : Candle Style/Low Wattage
As you can tell from the name, candle wall sconces are meant to resemble original wall sconces that held real wax candles. These types of sconces are usually low-wattage and cast minimal light to give a room an intimate ambiance. Their main function is for aesthetics and decoration, so you won’t want to use them as a main source of light.

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