Learning About Proper Height to Hang Wall Sconces

Sconce has become a part of people’s life since medieval times. At that time, sconce was used to light hidden recesses of the caves as well as the castles. Today, people have the luxury to choose whether they want sconces which hold the candles or use the bulbs and electricity.

However, if they are not installed in the correct position, they can become an eyesore, no matter how much money you paid for them. Therefore, these are going to give you some important information about the proper height to hang wall sconces.

Basically, a wall sconce should be installed at no less than 5 feet to 5 and also ½ feet from the floor. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. If the wall sconce will be installed on very tall wall, it is required to go a bit higher in order to complement a piece of art or for creating balance.

What you have to avoid is to place the sconce in the area in which the average person sees the bulb that ruins the soft look that the sconce is supposed to create. When it is in doubt, you need to measure the wall in order to find the mid-point and then you can hang your sconce there. You should make sure that it is not lower than 5 feet from the floor.

Moreover, although it has become the rule of the thumb for installing the sconces in pairs, now it is a matter anymore. A single wall sconce will be very dramatic and it can also provide light to the area that does not allow for a floor lamp or a ceiling light.

In addition, it would be much easier for installing the sconce on the wall that already has wiring on it. So, if you want to build a new home, you have to plan ahead and ask your electrician to put in the proper wiring. Besides, you also need to consider adding dimming feature on the wall that switches to create romantic look or dramatic look.

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