How to Use Wall Sconces As Stand Alone Lighting Options and in Lighting Groups?

Our homes are where we express our style and, at the same time, the place we depend on to be a haven of comfort and relaxation. Many different things go into both of those factors, such as colors, smells and lighting.

Lighting is one of the most important home decor aspects in creating a warm and expressive environment. One of the most up and coming popular lighting options is done with a wall sconce. Wall sconces provide both lighting and style which is why its popularity is on the rise.

Candle wall sconces are such a multi functional tool for any and every room in your home. Where many homes have relied on other lighting tools such as chandeliers or recessed lighting, because of its central location and ability to be the main source of lighting, they have left out the wall sconce without realizing it gives the same, and many more options.

Wall sconces can be whatever the home owner wants them to be.

A popular use is as accent lighting. Pairing candle wall sconces with a coordinating chandelier can be a show stopping look in a large living room or in a formal dining area. They are normally placed about six feet from the floor but in rooms with large ceiling can be placed higher.

They can be placed alone or with others to maximize the light. The bulbs can also vary from fluorescent to higher and lower wattage changing the mood or the feel of the room.

Another great reason to choose a wall sconce is for the individual style that it can bring to your home. Your house shows people who you are as person and wall sconces can be one of the ways that you show that to people.

They are available in countless different styles, textures, finishes and colors. They can be hung high or low, together or alone. They can make your living room a bright, fun, and inviting room and they can also truly transform a bedroom into a romantic, dim, and calming space.

Whether you choose to place a wall sconce as primary lighting in a dining room or allow it to shed some light in the hallways of your home they are efficient and beautiful. Take a bold leap and make your home stand out among all others.


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