Easy Tips to Install Wall Sconces

There are many uses of wall sconces in a house. These can be used to illuminate fireplace mantels, stairways and works of art. When you want to add wall sconces in your house, you will find that there are many options that you can consider. If you like illuminating your house for more beautiful look, they will be the perfect options that you can consider.

You will find that wall sconces will give beautiful touch for your house. However, there are some easy instructions that you should follow when you are about to install these sconces in your house. The followings are the instructions that you should follow.

When you are about to install wall sconces, you can replace the wall fixtures that already exist. If you do this, you do not need to make new holes for the sconces in the wall. But, be sure that you have rewired them with fixtures before you do this. Rewiring the fixtures is important to do to avoid overheat that can cause fire. Make sure that you use the wiring diagram if you use a reproduction sconce.

You should make sure that the electric has been turned off so that you can do a safe process. Then, you should switch the light and the breaker of the room off. Before screwing the fixture to the wall, you have to remove the globe and the light bulb of the fixture.

Then, you should run the ground wire. In this case, you should be sure that you do this correctly. Generally, the ground wire of the wall sconces that are manufactured in the U.S comes in green. If they are manufactured in other countries, you might find that the color of the ground wire is different. Thus, you should follow the wiring diagram in order to make the wire is safely connected to the electricity.

After that, you should connect the wires. For this, you can use plastic wire connectors. You can connect them by twisting the wires and then place the plastic connector over the twisting wires to make them secured. You should make sure that the wires are correctly connected before pushing the wires into the box in the wall.

Finally, you can install the wall sconces that you have. You should follow the installation instruction to make sure that you do the correct installation. After they are installed, you can turn on the breaker. Within a minute, you will have beautiful ambient light in your house.


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