Candle Wall Sconces

Candle wall sconces are features that complement your interior decor and personal taste and style. They can add mood lighting if used, but are a feature in their own right. A sconce is defined as decorative wall mounted item for holding lights or candles.

Wall sconces came into being during the Medieval Times when it was discovered that using tallow and a wick could make torches last longer. These torches were mounted in metal brackets outside the castle walls. Sconces have been used since those times to hold lights into interior room and exterior areas.

Candle sconces are usually used a feature, but can be used to add light to dimly lit areas, where it may be impractical to have an electrical sconce fitted. Wall sconces for candles come in just about any style you can imagine. Some of the more common materials used include brass, wrought iron and glass. Antique candle sconces are well sought after.

Wrought iron candle wall sconces are among the most commonly found types of candle sconces. There are many different styles available such as butterflies or curls and swirls. Many designs use leaves and add other materials such as enamel in to give pleasing effects. Some artisans make outdoor candle sconces of mythical creatures for themed gardens.

Wall Candle scones are usually mounted in pairs as a feature, but it is possible to find single sconces that are dramatic on their own. Many wall sconces for candles use tea lights as their candles and provide holders to fit them, these styles of sconces are usually larger and designed for many tea lights at once. You can find sconces to take any shape or size of candle that you like, Perfumed candles can add to the mood of a room. Candle sconces can be easily installed – just like hanging a picture in fact.

Look for a sconce that appeals to you. Choose a size to fit the space you have available and colors or theme to suit your room. There are many sconces available on line, but another place to look is at market stalls or craft fairs, they often have more unusual or unique designs

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