Candle Wall Sconces – A Brief Overview

Candle wall sconces are one way of adding your home with unique, attractive and romantic decoration. Setting them on your walls in your homes functions as a lighting ornament as well decorating that can add a certain impression in your home. It is an ideal decoration with various designs and styles which carries a beautiful touch of sophistication to your home as well as it is the perfect piece to outfit your wall.

A sconce is defined as wall mounted item for holding lights or candles which can be used for decorative purposes. Wall sconces first came during the Medieval Times when it was discovered that using tallow and a wick could make torches last longer. Since then, sconces were used to hold lights in your home interior or outdoor areas.

Some common materials used by wall sconces include brass, wrought iron and glass. Some contemporary candle sconces are made of pewter, Tiffany glass and some are even made of plastic. You can also have a candle wall sconce that looks like an old fashioned oil lamp.

A wrought iron candle holder sconce is another work of art with intricate designs carved and shaped like angels and harps and may other different designs.

A sconce generally has a plate that attaches to the wall while not holding the candle holder close to the wall. This is to avoid any risk of causing any fire. You would not have to worry about causing a fire when lighting the candle and leaving it lighting since the flame is not near the wall.


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