A Few Pointers About Using Wall Sconces to Improve the Character of Your Home

Between all the choices that are available to illuminate your home, sconce lighting is one of the best ways to achieve it. Wall sconce lighting can add a unique glow to any room in your dwelling. There are all sorts that are out there in the market.

But rest assured that there is a sconce that ought to compliment the distinctive layout and look of every single room in your dwelling. Here are a couple design tips.

A good place to use sconce lighting is right beside your bed. Create a stylish decor by putting up a sconce above each of your bedstands, on both sides of the bed.

Another good spot to install wall sconces is your bathroom. Place a sconce squarely on both sides of the mirror, above the wash basin. Alternatively if room doesn’t allow it, you could place them directly onto the mirror, maybe one on each of the lower or upper corners. The aesthetics of your bathroom will look their best if you use candles.

Don’t forget the living room. This is one area that you certainly should to install sconce lighting in. If you have a fireplace, position a sconce near each of the two upper corners, or even halfway down each side.

This will make for a very romantic setting. What if you don’t own a fireplace? Try the same setup with your TV stand. One place in your living room which you should consider placing wall sconces is your doorway. Imagine how welcome your visitors will feel when they walk through.

Finally, you might want to place some wall sconces in your dining room. For smaller dining areas, position a sconce high and center on the wall closest to the dinner table. For large dining areas, place a sconce on more than one wall.

Alternatively, put up two or three evenly on the one wall closest to your dinner table above head level.

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